Mobile/Web Polling


can be used to allow students to answer questions with their laptop computers or other mobile devices. Formerly named i>clicker GO, REEF Polling voting can be done using a Web browser or an app for iOS or Android phones.

NOTE for those instructors who had previously used the REEF Polling Instructor program: Due to numerous issues, the REEF Polling instructor program will not be encouraged for future use and the iClicker 7 instructor software will be used instead.  The instructor’s iClicker 7 software will collect votes from both iClicker remotes and REEF (mobile/web) Polling responses. An Internet connection in the classroom (wireless or wired) is required for both instructors and students to allow REEF Polling.

Please note that SMS text responses (texting) are not supported with REEF Polling for any response type; only web-enabled devices such as smart phones, iPads, tablets, and laptops can use REEF Polling.  Students who do not own or have access to a web-enabled device during class time can still participate in classroom polls by purchasing an iClicker remote through the Cornell Store, but these students will not be able to respond to short-answer questions which require alpha-numeric character input.

Information for Instructors

Information for Students

Information for Instructors

  • Instructors request the Classroom Polling service by filling out the form.  You will be contacted by one of the Academic Technologies staff to meet.
  • If allowing students to use the REEF Polling mobile app, wireless network capabilities in your class room for a number of students must be confirmed first.  Please contact the support staff for your class room.  If you do not know who that person is, please contact us at and we will work with the class room support staff to determine if the room is able to handle the number of wireless connections for your class.
  • A consultation will be set up to meet with an Academic Technologies staff person to provide you with the software and equipment used for in-class polling
  • At this consultation, the iClicker software settings will be set up to allow mobile/web devices to respond to your in-class polls or follow the steps yourself here
  • iClicker remotes can be used at the same time as mobile/web devices for multiple-choice questions
  • Prepare your presentation materials to include polls; If you use PowerPoint or KeyNote, you may choose to use templates formatted for your style of layout, found here
  • You can ask multiple-choice questions as well as short-answer questions for REEF Polling participants with up to 140 alpha-numeric characters for responses. Web-enabled devices are required for short-answer responses.
  • iClicker remotes cannot be used to respond to short-answer questions

For ideas on how to use in-class polling, see our pages here.

REEF Polling Information for Students

For students who purchase the REEF Polling subscription:

  • You may use a web-enabled device for REEF Polling: laptop computer, tablet, Apple iPad, and smart phone are all acceptable devices
  • Purchase a REEF Polling subscription online at: or download the app from the Apple Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) on your smart phone or device.  The app is free but a subscription is required to use it in class.
      For the Cornell NetID field, you MUST use your Cornell NetID (such as ewe2).  Do not use your Cornell Student ID or an email address.
    • Find your course at Cornell University using the instructor’s name or the course name
  • In class, login to: or your app and answer the questions as they are presented to you in class – multiple choice (A-E choices), short-answer (up to 140 characters), or numeric
  • For those in classes using Blackboard: If you have connected your REEF Polling registration to your course, you are all set.  Your instructor may still choose not to display your polling points in Blackboard – this is the discretion of the instructor.
    Please do not register iClickers at the site.

For students who use an iClicker remote:

  • YOU DO NOT NEED TO CREATE A REEF POLLING ACCOUNT in order to receive points for responding with your iClicker remote.  You do not need to purchase REEF Polling account.
  • For those in classes using Blackboard: You must register your clicker in Blackboard to receive credit for your clicker responses.  Please follow these steps to register your clicker in Blackboard.  Your instructor may still choose not to display your polling points in Blackboard – this is the discretion of the instructor.
  • For those in classes not using Blackboard: You must register your clicker at the Cornell CIT Clicker Registration site.  Please follow these steps:
  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your NetID and your password
  3. Click on the link Click here if you wish to submit a request for [your name]
  4. Type in the clicker ID# and click Submit
    You have successfully registered your i>clicker with the Cornell i>clicker system.
    Please do not register iClickers at the site.


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