Mobile/Web Polling for Instructors

Now that you have decided to allow students to use mobile/web devices to respond to your i>clicker polls, here are the steps to set up your i>clicker program to allow students to use the REEF Polling app, which is for smart phones, iPads, tablets and laptop computers.  If you have not received the i>clicker instructor kit yet, please request the Classroom Polling service by filling out the form.  You will be contacted by one of the Academic Technologies staff to meet.

i>clicker Settings

  1. Plug in the i>clicker USB drive and open the i>clicker folder (i>clicker Mac or i>clicker Win, with a version number)
  2. Open the i>clicker program
  3. Choose your course, or click “+Create” to create a new course
  4. Click the Settings button
  5. Modify any General settings
  6. Click the Mobile tab and follow these steps:
    Click Enable REEF Polling
    The first time you click this, you will need to first Create an Account
    Fill in the information for your new REEF Polling account, using a password that is NOT your Cornell Net ID Password
    Fill in the Course Details:
    Institution: Cornell University (it will be displayed automatically as you start to type)
    Course Discipline: Choose one that is your course discipline or Other
    Course Name: Please use the Dept/Num and Name, such as PSYCH1101 Introduction to Psychology
    Start and End Dates: Choose the first and last dates of classes for the semester: August 23, 2017 and December 2, 2017
    Screen Capture: The recommended choice the third one: Do not allow students to view screen captures of the questions
    Optional Section:
    Course ID: not necessary to fill in
    Term: Please type: Fall 2017
    Click Save
  7. Click the Gradebook tab
    If you are using a Blackboard course site and would like to connect student i>clicker points to your Blackboard course site, under the Learning management system (LMS) heading, click the Select Course button
    Your LMS Username is your Cornell Net ID, such as ewe2
    Your Security Key must be found in Blackboard.  Please follow these steps to find yours.
    Click Log In
    Select the course from your list of possible Blackboard course sites, be sure to select to course for the proper semester, which will include “2017FA…” in the listing for Fall 2017 courses
  8. The Roll Call and Toolbar tabs do not need to be altered, but you can view them to be sure
  9. Click the Scoring tab
    Decide how points are awarded to your students, based on the level of participation you require each for lecture and/or the correctness of responses.  You can use both Participation and Performance, or one of them, or neither of them depending on your preference.
  10. The Results and Base Display tabs do not need to be altered
  11. Click Save to save all course settings


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