i>clicker Version 7 Information

Update: As of January 2016, i>clicker 7 has been updated and enhanced and is now the recommended version of i>clicker to use.  Please see i>clicker Software Update: 2016 Spring for specifics.


As of July 15, 2014, i>clicker version 7.0 has been released.

A new version of i>clicker has been released.  It is not recommended that instructors update their software to this new version for the Fall 2014 semester.  This recommendation will be re-evaluated for the Spring 2015 semester during the fall and an update will be posted at this page.

Version 7.0 is different in many respects, yet still has the same easy-to-use toolbar when using in class.  After careful review and collaboration with the i>clicker company, our group has decided not to encourage the use of i>clicker 7 for the fall 2014 semester.  It lacks two features that many instructors use – the Question on the Fly and the Demographics features, and there is nothing additional in version 7 to warrant a global update for instructors. i>clicker version 7.0 is fully compatible with all clicker remotes as well as with the i>clicker GO web/mobile app.

So at this time, please use the version that is 6.4.1, which is the most recent previous version.  If you are using a version of 6 that is not 6.4.1, please write to us and we can update your software with a brief meeting.  We have set up some Cornell-specific settings that will make using i>clicker 6.4.1 better for in-class as well as for the i>grader tasks.

Below is a comparison chart of the features in versions 6 and 7:


Please write to us at acadtech@cornell.edu if you have any questions or concerns about using i>clicker or about in-class polling in general.


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