i>clicker GO End of Semester

Here are the steps to remove your course from the i>clicker GO list of courses.  This is important to do so that your previously-taught course will not be listed with current courses.  This will help students find the current courses without having to also view courses that are not currently being taught.

How to turn off i>clicker GO access to your old course:

  1. Plug in the i>clicker USB drive and open the i>clicker folder (i>clicker Mac or i>clicker Win)
  2. Open the i>clicker Mac or Win folder and double-click on the i>clicker program
  3. Choose your i>clicker GO-active course; it will have an asterisk “*” at the end of the course name
  4. Click the My Settings button
  5. Click the i>clicker GO tab at the top of the i>clicker settings window
  6. Click the Edit i>clicker GO Settings button and your course will look similar to below, but with your information listed:
  7. Click the button Not Allowed
  8. Click Submit and then OK at the confirmation
  9. The i>clicker Go settings will now be updated
  10. Click Set for Course
  11. Now this old course will not be listed when students in current semesters are looking for their courses.

Thank you for completing these steps; this is very helpful to future students and instructors.


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