iClicker Basics

Video Video: “Overview Of Polling” and “Before You Get Started”

Things to know before using iClicker in class:

  1. Before you start using clickers in class, view the video “Overview Of Polling” to familiarize yourself with polling technology.
  2. Request the Classroom Polling service by filling out the form.  You will be contacted by one of the Academic Technologies staff to meet.
  3. You will receive the iClicker instructor kit at no charge.  The kit includes the iClicker software, the iClicker receiver base for collecting student responses and an instructor remote which can be used in class to: start/stop each polling question, display the summary results chart, and also to advance your presentation slides (Power Point and Key Note and other applications).
  4. Contact the Cornell Store to order clickers for your class by sending an email to textbooks@cornell.edu and provide the course, instructor and approximate number of students.
  5. View the video  “Before You Get Started”.
  6. Creating polling questions: You may use any program to make questions that you will display in your class.  Power Point and Key Note are two applications that work very well for displaying a multiple-choice question with the possible answers for the students to see on the projected screen of your classroom and then respond with their clickers.  Templates for Power Point or Key Note slides that are specifically designed for clicker questions can be downloaded and used for your lectures at the Polling Slide Samples page.
  7. Practice using iClicker before your first lecture.  Use the iClicker instructor kit in your office to rehearse the sequence of using polling questions with your lecture material.  You will advance your slide to the polling question, start the iClicker poll, stop the poll, display the results chart (most of the time, but you may not display the chart depending on the learning objective of that question), discuss the results with the students to determine why certain answers were chosen or not chosen, close the results chart, advance to the next slide and continue with your lecture content.  This sequence is best rehearsed before using iClickers in class.

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